About us


Thank you for stopping by our website – Carpet Cleaning Flushing. We are one of the very reputed and respected companies that offer carpet and rug cleaning in and around Flushing. We serve our services of carpet cleaning and rug cleaning 24 hours a day and 365 days a year!

Our Inception:

When Mr Cohen began this business of Carpet Cleaning Flushing, there was hardly any research done on using specific cleaning solutions for rugs and carpets and most of the washing was done with hands. The cleaning used to be done irrespective of the type of carpets and their makes. But with his keen understanding of the varieties of carpets and rugs, he developed and brought out special eco-friendly and carpet-specific cleaning solvents. This has made our company so famous and today, we are proudly continuing with that rich heritage that he left behind for us.

How are we so successful?

We have got over hundred professionally trained and experienced cleaners who understand the way we work and conform to our code of ethics too.

We use only our patented eco-friendly materials that are soft on the fabric and threads of the carpets. So, whether you wish us to take care of your Antique carpets, or Persian carpets or rugs, we shall be there for you.

Our work of cleaning has become very popular and effective for everyone. The more the traffic, the dirtier the carpets and the more frequently they have to be cleaned. This is where we score. We, from Carpet Cleaning Flushing, make sure that our work of cleaning carpets is done without any compromise on quality and we also take care of the carpets while removing deep stains and odor.

Call us right away at (347) 321-9949  or visit our website for more details at www.carpetcleaning-flushing.com.